Friday, August 29, 2008

J'adore blanc

Pure white is classic, but not for the faint of heart. A white room with brightly colored accents create feel that is vibrant and fun. Here are some that j'adore....

The white room is the perfect palette. Depending on the accents the room will take on a completely different feel... stay tuned and I will show you how to accessorize your pure palette to change the vibe....

A color abstract
is the perfect
complement to
a clean white

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

J'adore for Less

Beautiful room. Dark, classic, relaxed. The silver accent table goes well with the dark area rug and tan lounge chairs. I think the look works best in a larger space because of the dark walls and flooring.

J'adore this look for less?

These pieces should create a similar feel that won't break your pockets.

Complete the look...

Stunning original piece I found on ebay. (Don't sleep on ebay for original work!) The tryptic has interesting, irregular angles and shapes that are the perfect complement to the solid angles of the room. It departs from the hard lines of the space, while staying true to its color scheme and tone.

Form meets Function

These pieces were featured at iSaloni, the international furniture fair in Milan. With 340,000 people and a week of nothing but the world's most talented contemporary furniture designers; Decour is officially a spectator sport.

Beech upholstered in a crumpled Gobelin fabric.


Fiberglass shell covered with polyurethane foam. The base is
lacquered steel; fabric petals are faux suede


Removable leather cover; carved wood backrests

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rainbow in Black & White

Yesterday I stumbled upon the eerily beautiful and haunting work of photographer,
William Scott.

Here are some others in his collection. Feels like Dali meets Ansel Adams...
Black and White photography can compliment strong color or basic white walls in any room. Add a series of black and white photographs to a colored wall for contrast or to white walls for a clean, classic look.

J'adore this look for less?

j'adore@ Pottery Barn


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Santiago Calatrava - The Quadracci Pavilion

Tucked away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the most beautifully avant garde buildings I have ever seen. The Milwaukee Art Museum. It was completed in 2001 and designed by spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The dynamic form, massive size and innovative structure are just the beginning. Calatrava designed the building to be a moving work of art. The 90 ton, 217 foot wings adorning the outside of the edifice, The Burke Brise Soleil, actually move... amazing.

See for yourself:

The Tryptic

We all know bare walls are unacceptable. So, consider the tryptic.

A piece of art can finish the look of a room or become the main focal point of your space. Displaying the feeling you would like the room to convey or even simply sewing together the color palette of the room.

Tryptics are particularly interesting in that they offer options. Each piece's placement in relation to the next can be varied and create the illusion of motion or disjointedness that you may not be able to accomplish with a single unified piece.

In the case of this piece, it almost becomes more interesting when each section is taken out of its intended orientation. A single tryptic can have a more dramatic effect than three separate pieces.

blue window - mixed media acrylic - by Marin A. (for sale - serious inquiries only)

Here are some other tryptics for purchase:

(Left to Right: Night Thoughts; Palm; Elevate and Escalate)