Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Tryptic

We all know bare walls are unacceptable. So, consider the tryptic.

A piece of art can finish the look of a room or become the main focal point of your space. Displaying the feeling you would like the room to convey or even simply sewing together the color palette of the room.

Tryptics are particularly interesting in that they offer options. Each piece's placement in relation to the next can be varied and create the illusion of motion or disjointedness that you may not be able to accomplish with a single unified piece.

In the case of this piece, it almost becomes more interesting when each section is taken out of its intended orientation. A single tryptic can have a more dramatic effect than three separate pieces.

blue window - mixed media acrylic - by Marin A. (for sale - serious inquiries only)

Here are some other tryptics for purchase:

(Left to Right: Night Thoughts; Palm; Elevate and Escalate)

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