Monday, September 28, 2009

A Flare for Drama

In my searching for an interior decorator for a friend of mine moving into her own home in Atlanta, I came across the work of designer Charles Neal. And if nothing else, Mr. Neal certainly has a flare for drama. Eac of these designs is from his contemporary design portfolio. I absolutely adore the first room. One dramatic piece, such as this gargantuan headboard can create a feeling in a space that doesn't need all the compliments portrayed here by Neal... Though his spaces are fantastic.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Haute Hotels : The Soho Hotel, London

If you have the urge to splurge overseas with a lovely little boutique hotel, I have a recommendation: The Soho, in London.  While its lovely, and probably a bit cheaper, to stay at a Hyatt or Marriott; and while the Savoy or the Biltmore have the promise of posh, boutique hotels are quaint, beautiful and oh-so-Unique-Chic. The Soho is located near Leafy Soho Square on a quiet street between Dean and Wardour Streets in the heart of London’s entertainment neighbourhood, according to their website. All that is well and good, but please... check out the decor... j'adore.

The pink couch with the muted, traditional art is a wonderful contrast.

The raw wood coffee table has me salivating... LOVELY touch.

Here the china is all the decoration this decor needs.

Gorgeous use of pastels and simple shapes. This is a beauitful space.

The use of color here, and accents like the sculpture in the corner, make this room pop. I would love to wake up here every morning.

Now, I would never have put the patterns on the walls and drapes with this color couch and or this rug... but it just works. Decor twists and turns... love it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J'adore Teo Jasmin Part 2

OK so the last time I reviewed Teo Jasmin... I showed you the kinds of looks you could achieve with Teo J... now I will show you the kinds of furniture and pieces that you can purchase through Teo that will be the pieces of the Funky-Chic decor puzzle.  This is just the tip of their iceberg but what a tip it is.

Their pieces have a hip and chic sense of fun - Eurostyle! The cityscapes are my absolute favorite. I could definitely see decorating a sitting room or a teen's room with an accent chair like this... or with pillows from each major city they've visited. Very Funky Chic... J'adore!

Monday, September 21, 2009

J'adore Teo Jasmin

Decor lovers I have been turned on to the decorification of "Funky-Chic." That is the phrase I have coined for Teo Jasmin. Teo Jasmin is a unique and lovely little decor company that I will be highlighting twice this week, because just one post is not enough.

Teo Jasmin makes georgeous photos and lovely cityscapes a part of your decor-scape at home. They have pillows, wall art, chairs and loveseats with images that can compliment more than you think. If you are looking for a little adventure, an element of surprise in your home, try these decor ideas on for size....

The Bold and the Beautiful ... Decor style

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spruce it UP!

I was reading the NYTimes and ran across an article about two women from Texas that collect old furniture and Spruce it up! They strip the furniture to bare bones and then reupholster it to DRAMATIC change and effect. Their sense of style is elegant while still being a bit funky. They can breath new life into old decor... check them out! (click the links below the images to be directed to their Etsy page.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chair Couture

Watching clips from last year's fashion week inspired me to find the Project Runway challenge of Decor. Watching those artists at work, you think, "how are they going to make clothing out of that ficus?" BUT Low and Behold an hour later you are thinking... I might wear that dress if it weren't made of tea leaves and glue! Well viola! Here is some of the closest to the avant garge as decor can get. I present, Chair Couture. Even decor has its fabulously-over-the-top!

Shaggy = Divine.

Alice-in-Wonderland, yes?

Talk about walking on about lounging on it.

and the Coupe de Grass....

It takes a BRAVE soul but ... J'ADORE!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cohler Cravings Continued

I have decided to give you some more Cohler Eye-Candy. How fabulous can a bathroom be? Let's find out.

Can't you just picture a fabulous book, a glass of cabernet and this bathroom making your life just a little easier?

I adore the simple white with the one dominating yet calming image as the focal point.

This space is actually graceful, if such a thing can be. The striped tile walls give it a feeling of grandeur. Boldly but tastefully done!

Wooden sinke with the lucite towel rack... yes.

I covet Cohler.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cohler Cravings

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Eric Cohler designs. His use of muted colors, hanging and sculpted art, patterns and asymmetry are PERFECT (to me at least.) Just look...this is just the TIP of the iceberg with this talented designer.

Here its as if three different decorating genres have married one another and had the perfect decor love child. No wonder he has been dubbed the Mix Master. J'adore.

Wall papering with photographs. I have seen this attempted before, but here Cohler succeeds.
The bed curtains... lovely.

Perhaps the most innovative and lovely idea I have found thus far in my blogging. A completed crossword puzzle on the ceiling of the library. I covet!

I LOVE the aerial veiw. The curtains are a muted pattern, ever so chic. The details in using the grass on the shelving and the porthole mirrors are a fantastic contrast to the angles and lines on the floor.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Salina Lake

So I discovered Ms. Selina Lake's talent for beautiful spaces about a year ago before I had to take my hiatus from blogging. Seriously, this woman's use of color is awesome. I love the fact that she adds little unexpected colorful and fun details to her creations. For instance her use of pennant flags below is simply adorable and a fantastic idea for making your summer home kitchen pop... or to add a little color to a party.

OK this next space, is what I would consider the perfect beach house child's room. The the color is just enough to be playful but not so much that its overwhelming. PS, I adore the polka dot detailing...

Would you just love to do this with mom's or grandma's favorite old dress? The one that reminds you that they were young once and makes you wish you had known about when it was your size. Lovely idea.

This last living room is girly-chic heaven. The hot pink chair is a fabulous find. The curtains are a very cool and funny little touch. I am in love with the white hard wood and her homage to the UK pillows. Sign me up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

J'adore the FLOR

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a space, clearly. Why not make it fun and funky? In my exploration I found FLOR, a wonderful online rug shop that has taken modular to the floor. Their floor design ideas are affordable and dynamic because you can create your own floor designs to suit your room to a tee. Whether its a child's toy room or mod living room that needs that little extra oomphf FLOR seems to have what you need. Check out some of their designs. Just click on the links for pricing and info.

Jadore le FLOR...

I some people shy away from a good shag. I say go for it! =)

So, I was in love the simplicity of the single red circle on the gray floor, but then I kept going. Look at the fantastic looks that FLOR has created with this single piece...
The Button Rug

Nice eh?

SO, I am not normally a fan of the animal print in a room (though with restraint and in the right decor it can be fabulous), but this is just an adorable idea and really adds something interesting to the room, no?

J'adore this final look. I mean the woman in the yellow dress certainly makes the photo pop...but I love the idea of a runner that can seamlessly follow your hallways and add color to the space. I think its an excellent use of modular carpeting... Way to FLOR!
The Twist & Shout