Tuesday, September 1, 2009

J'adore the FLOR

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a space, clearly. Why not make it fun and funky? In my exploration I found FLOR, a wonderful online rug shop that has taken modular to the floor. Their floor design ideas are affordable and dynamic because you can create your own floor designs to suit your room to a tee. Whether its a child's toy room or mod living room that needs that little extra oomphf FLOR seems to have what you need. Check out some of their designs. Just click on the links for pricing and info.

Jadore le FLOR...

I some people shy away from a good shag. I say go for it! =)

So, I was in love the simplicity of the single red circle on the gray floor, but then I kept going. Look at the fantastic looks that FLOR has created with this single piece...
The Button Rug

Nice eh?

SO, I am not normally a fan of the animal print in a room (though with restraint and in the right decor it can be fabulous), but this is just an adorable idea and really adds something interesting to the room, no?

J'adore this final look. I mean the woman in the yellow dress certainly makes the photo pop...but I love the idea of a runner that can seamlessly follow your hallways and add color to the space. I think its an excellent use of modular carpeting... Way to FLOR!
The Twist & Shout


beauty comma said...

Hi Marin, you've started blogging again! What a nice surprise =) Thanks for leaving that nice comment!

nicolette said...

What's interesting is that a lot of different rug choices is used in place for a carpet, even for the hallway. In fact, following the modern design trend, the end product is able to capture a mesmerizing feel.