Monday, September 7, 2009

Cohler Cravings

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Eric Cohler designs. His use of muted colors, hanging and sculpted art, patterns and asymmetry are PERFECT (to me at least.) Just look...this is just the TIP of the iceberg with this talented designer.

Here its as if three different decorating genres have married one another and had the perfect decor love child. No wonder he has been dubbed the Mix Master. J'adore.

Wall papering with photographs. I have seen this attempted before, but here Cohler succeeds.
The bed curtains... lovely.

Perhaps the most innovative and lovely idea I have found thus far in my blogging. A completed crossword puzzle on the ceiling of the library. I covet!

I LOVE the aerial veiw. The curtains are a muted pattern, ever so chic. The details in using the grass on the shelving and the porthole mirrors are a fantastic contrast to the angles and lines on the floor.

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