Monday, August 31, 2009

Coveted Decour

When you picture an author's workstation, you see a cluttered desk full of post-its, littered with pens and crumpled up papers ... what you don't see in that picture is what you are about to witness. These are photographs of the home of artist-turned-author Douglas Coupland by Martin Tessler for The New York Times. I take no credit for the photos, I just want to bring to your attention the innovation being photographed.

Coupland has taken random household items like rolls of thread, puzzle pieces, paper plates, dice and made them a part of his fabulous decor. Seriously, his next book should be on the art of interior decor.

The four round disks on the side of the kitchen island are paper plates. Love it!

Spools of thread. How simple and ingenious is that!

The shelf below holds pieces to a building kit.

The colorful display to the left in the photo are dice....
And who doesn't need an enormous tide bottle to round out their sculpture collection.
Eclectic LOVE. (Please note the photo of the wrestler flying over the ropes - fan-flying-tastic!)

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