Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello my fellow decour buffs!

I cannot believe that it has been nearly a year since I have posted on j'adore. I would like to apologize for my long absence without explanation. I took on a new job and moved into a new home...and unfortunately, I was unable to post the way I wanted to but my love of decor is STILL alive and aloft. In short, I'm back. I found the following photographs of some spaces that I think are just simple and wonderfully elegant from Architectural Digest.

What I love about these spaces is the subtle detailing and mixing of styles. In this first room, the element that was most intriguing for me is the earthen pot sitting at the base of the steps, adding a bit of texture to a room that is all smooth lines and angles. Also, check out the floating wall. This is a fantastic way to break up the space in a room without breaking continuity and creating the look of a larger space. Definitely going to experiment with this!
This next space I fell for because it seems to be the polar opposite of the one above. This room is all texture and earth with some clean lines added in for contrast with the bed, chair and flooring. Excellent use of contrast if you ask me!

The kitchen below is my dream country home space. Leaving the exposed beams is an excellent way to incorporate the country with the modern (not surprisingly, this was the name of the feature article in A.D.)

Well for my first post back, I hope that you enjoyed the spaces. You WILL be seeing me around again and MUCH more often with spaces J'adore!

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