Wednesday, September 24, 2008

J'adore la salle de bains

Never let where you bathe become the forgotten space. Ladies know that the bathroom is where we go to preserve our pretty and wash the day away. The WC is often the last room we think to decorate, but take some time and look at these dramatic designs for some inspiration.

As featured in Elle Decor... The simplicity of the lines and shapes of this room gives it a clean, very elegant feel.


As featured in ... I love the geometrical shapes of the towel rack and counter.


As featured in idealstandard ... Don't be afraid of a bold colored accent wall in your bathroom, even in a small space. The plum wall and accents with metal flooring makes for a fabulously chic and modern WC. Also, you have to love the space saved with wall mounted sinks and toilets. Its a European look and function that we should adopt ASAP.


As featured in idealstandard ... If you like a more traditional feel (ie: white walls and accents) intricate tiling can be an excellent way to add a new element to the style of your bathroom.


As featured in ideal standard ... No space? Decour the floor! This subtle flooring accent really makes this room.



Tracy said...

Some gorgeous color schemes, I especially like the purple or is it plum? :>

Marin A. said...

Thanks Tracy =)... not that I designed it. I'll check on the purple/plum