Thursday, September 4, 2008

Up Against the Wall

Overloaded with knickknacks, chachkahs and what-nots? Ditch the junk drawer and use a wall unit to display and hide your extras at the same time. Take your unattractive extras and put them in beautiful storage boxes and bowls that complement your space then place them in a wall unit.

Buy a funky wall unit to start and you have hidden your stuff while displaying your taste and adding to the decour of your room.

Check out these units... fabulous.



storage 4

These pieces were featured at 2008 iSaloni (aka: the decorators Mecca) but there are more accessible places to create a similar look...

J'adore these looks at 2Modern...

bigtetris1 boogie-woogie tetrisflat melrose_bookcase

J'adore le funky.

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