Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haute Hotels - Gramercy Park

I try to spread the love of decor around, but as a native New Yorker I will always have a soft spot for the my city that never sleeps. Gramercy Park Hotel has been reviewed by the New York Times and Vogue for its decor choices. The owner of this historic NY hotel invited artist Maarten Baas to be a part of the design team. Its no wonder this hotel has the perfect mix of avant garde and artistic class.

Rich, full, invigorating colors pervade every space and frankly I am DYING to stay there just for the surroundings. Can you blame me?







J'adore the Haute Hotels...

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The Lacquered Peacock said...

I love the rich jewel tones they used for the interiors- it really makes you want to sink into one of those velvet sofas... and that chandelier is amazing- I want it!