Monday, October 6, 2008

Simply Beautiful Spaces

Searching for the next feature on J'adore, I have found some simply beautiful spaces.

This first image is from one of my favorites... The Designer's Guild. Sometimes I think that if Betsey Johnson had become an interior decorator this guild would be masterpiece collection. I went on Betsey's site and found images of her inspiration hideaway Betseyville - I think I may have hit the nail on the head.

These next two were designed by a new found favorite Martyn Lawrence - Bullard. This design group shows amazing use of color and texture through muted patterns in its spaces.

... this dining room has a fantastic use of scale that creates a beautiful effect. The sheer size of the ceiling installations just MAKE this space. Also, I love the way the focal point of the eye level space, linear in the straight line pattern of the dining chairs, is contrasted with the spherical , textured chandeliers...

This space is by Male*Cahlin Designers. I chose it because I love the wood ceiling, gorgeous art piece and magenta head and foot dining chairs. Splashes of color make this space interesting.

J'adore beautiful spaces...

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